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01 November 2013
OTWP Celebrates Five Years

09 March 2013

31 January – 01 February 2013

10 October 2012

February 01 – 03, 2012
TD Ameritrade National Conference

October 01, 2011
OTWP Moves Office Location

November 01, 2008
OTWP Officially Opens

October 01, 2008 
OTWP Secures Office

July 08, 2008 
OTWP Indiana Approved

June, 18 2008 
OTWP Formed

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Podcasts of Note

"Can You Predict a Good Time to Buy and Sell Stocks?"

"Make Sure It Isn’t an Old Idea in Disguise"

"The 200th Draft"

"Dimensional Funds Empirical Work"

"Dimensional's Flexible Trading Approach"

"The Current Market Aftershock"
Using an illustrated timeline, David Booth chronicles US stock market performance in four periods since World War II. His review suggests prevailing market sentiment is often wrong and that investors must stay disciplined through all market environments to pursue their long-term goals.

"The Economics Of Fiscal Deficits"
Many investors are concerned that rising government debt will stunt economic growth and hamper market returns. Marlena Lee examines historical data to test the relationships between fiscal deficits, interest rates, business activity, investment returns, and exchange rates. Her conclusions may surprise investors who are pessimistic about future market performance.

"Father of Modern Finance Weighs In"
- U. of Chicago finance professor Eugene Fama, widely known as the "father of modern finance," discusses whether the government is the biggest risk to economic recovery.

"Why Dimensional"
- Dimensional brings financial science to the practical world of investing.

"Behavioral Biases"
- Research indicates that humans are not naturally wired for prudent, long-term investing.

"Government Intervention and Stock Returns"
- Should equity investors be alarmed by the prospect of greater government intervention in the US economy?

What Should Investors Do Now?
– Weston Wellington returns to the topic with a multi-part series on what investors should consider as they move forward.

Vanguard Founder Gives Investment Tips
– video interview with Jack Bogle of Vanguard – 2/25/2009

Stock Picking vs. Index Investing
– From Yahoo! Video Tech Talk.

Is It Different This Time?
– Weston Wellington, DFA VP, offers perspective on the 2008 bear market.

Noble Thinkers: Theory, Practice and Implementation
– The American Finance Association and Dimensional Fund Advisors present a documentary on the work and ideas of five recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

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January 2014
Surprise! No Selloff in 2013

November 2013
Simplicity and Sophistication

August 2013
Where the Smart Money Is Headed

July 2013
OTF Second Guessing

October 2012
Top 10 Money Excuses

October 2012
Down To The Wire: Another Wall of Worry

August 2012
In Other News

March 2012
Why Panic? A Couple’s Nest Egg Better Left Alone

Feb. 2012
Cracks in the Crystal Ball

Jan. 2012
Inefficient, Schminefficient

Dec. 2011
Things Change

Feb. 7, 2011
Where the Thrills and Chills Will Be in 2011

Feb. 7, 2011
That’s Better Now

July 28, 2011

June 2011
Discipline: Your Secret Weapon

March 2011
The Current Aftershock

Jan. 10, 2011
Analysts Prove Hazardous as Contrarian Stocks Surge

Jan. 8, 20110
Market Predictions, With Many Grains of Salt

June, 2010
Luck Is The Key To Success For Most Top Mutual Funds

February, 2010
Active Management Is Uncompensated Risk

February, 2010
How firms fool equity analysts

February, 2010
Index Funds, Dowdy to Some, Get a Notable Endorsement

January, 2010
Inefficient Markets Are Still Hard to Beat  

October, 2009
Staying Calm in a World of Dark Pools, Dark Doings

October, 2009
Active Management Loses in Risk Study

August, 2009
SPIVA Report Year-End 2008

March 24, 2009
Yes, diversification works - eventually

Feb. 22, 2009
The Index Funds Win Again

Jan. 8, 2009
Six Lessons for Investors

Oct. 17, 2008
Buy American. I Am.

Oct. 15, 2008
Is Pessimism Good News?

Fama/French Forum

The Firm PDF Print E-mail
On Target Wealth Partners is an independent, fee-only financial consulting firm.  Clients receive unbiased financial advisory services in the form of disciplined investment management grounded in academic research and goal-oriented financial planning.  We call it financial engineering.

All solutions are personalized and customized to each client’s unique circumstances and their desire and ability to take on risk.  On Target Wealth Partners’ investment philosophy is based on efficient markets and the all-important relationship of risk and return. 

Client portfolios are globally diversified and tax efficient through the implementation of institutional class index funds.  Long term returns are driven predominantly by a complementary and appropriate asset allocation.

As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, On Target Wealth Partners maintains a fiduciary standard to act in the client’s best interest at all times.  By providing clients a fact-based, conflict-free alternative to traditional advisory services that often employ active management speculation, market timing or stock picking strategies, On Target Wealth Partners positions itself as a principle-focused firm that clearly places clients and their corresponding financial success first and foremost in its ongoing mission.

Besides seeking long term financial success for all clients, On Target Wealth Partners also seek to make the planning process more enjoyable.  With a greater understanding of how markets work and why On Target Wealth Partner’s wealth management plan will assist in achieving communicated goals, clients can relax, enjoy life, and let the investment process work for them…even in times of market decline or high volatility.